Artwork Requirements



(Different formats (cdr, ai, eps, tiff, psd, indd), are accepted but they take extra time to process and have them ready for printing.  An artwork charge of $25 + GST per file for business cards will apply to jobs which are not PDFs, or PDFs

which are not ready for printing.)


When saving/exporting to PDF, page measurement should be the final size,

eg: 90 x 55mm for business cards, 210 x 297 letterheads, etc.


The trim / finished size of the job needs to be in the PDF file information.

To do this, please set your page/artboard measurements to the finished size of the job when creating the artwork in Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign etc.  For example, start with a page size of 90x55mm for standard cards.

Any items that come to the edge of the card need to run over the page edge by at least 2mm.

When making the PDF type in 2mm bleed, so the PDF includes your bleed artwork.

The PDF can have crop marks or be 94x 59mm without crop marks, it does not matter.  As long as you have started out with the correct page size then our imposition system generates its own crop marks based on that information.













Leave any background exactly as it has been placed on the card when saving.

Do not alter. CorelDraw users, delete all frames.


The front of the card should be on page 1, and, the back on page 2.

If only one side of a card is being laminated; it should be on page 1.


When there are multiple cards for the same company, they can all be in the same file: PROVIDED THAT : The first page will be the front; the second page will be the back; Odd pages will be Fronts, Even pages will be Backs.  This format of the front, back, front, back is important even if the backs are blank, or if they all have the same back. ALTERNATIVELY

You can create a folder of the job and save each name (front and back, front only) separately and place them in the folder under a different title eg: a person’s name.


The files should be CMYK ONLY.  No RGB (colour/images), Spot, PMS colours are accepted.


If the above specifications are not met, the file/files will be fixed and additional costs will apply to your order.